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Duvet cover Space Milky

Duvet cover Space Milky

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The Milky Way represents our Galaxy as a whole. It is an image that is both soothing and impressive. Indeed, for us, it is difficult to make a realistic representation of what the Milky Way is. On Morphee we offer our Milky Way Duvet Cover, which will pass all your nights in the immensity of our galaxy.

  • 1 duvet cover of 2 pillowcases span>
  • 100% anti -mite polyester, hypoallergenic and strong density span>
  • Compass without danger for the skin span>
  • Improved seams & amp; Finishes worked span>
  • Solid zipper Compatible Machine washing span>
  • Printing of high definition drawing span>
  • Delivery is free

Maintenance advice:

  • Machine washing: 40 ° C span>
  • Dry linen compatible: Moderate temperature span>
  • Iron ironing: Moderate temperature span>
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