Collection: Japanese Duvet Cover

Treat yourself to a trip to the land of the rising sun with the Japanese duvet cover

Japan, a country known for its majestic temples, a country that inspires calm and serenity, from the bustling streets of Tokyo to Mount Fuji, is a country we all admire.

Our customers love bed linen inspired from all over the world, which is why we've chosen to showcase an entire collection of comforter covers inspired by Japanese culture.

From the traditional Minka (Japanese house) to Japanese legends such as dragons, you're bound to find a bed linen set that will take you on a journey into the Japanese world.

Zen atmosphere with our Japanese bed linen sets

All our comforter covers are unique, with each design subtly evoking the calm atmosphere, natural beauty and deep tradition of Japan. Japanese culture, and all decoration inspired by the Japanese world, is renowned for the calm and zen atmosphere it lends to any interior.

Our Japanese bed linen can create a unique universe in any bedroom, a simplistic and masterful decoration for style lovers. If you'd like to give your room a new ambience, drawing closer to the Japanese floral art that symbolizes simplicity and purity. The online Shop Duvet Cover Store, which has specialized in comforter covers for many years, is your breeding ground for elegant bed linen.

With their clean, uncluttered designs, our bed linen sets are perfect for creating a peaceful, zen-like atmosphere in any bedroom, while maintaining optimum comfort for restful nights lulled into your sweetest dreams.

A wide choice to delight you

This unique collection is packed with traditional motifs inspired by the Japanese world, including the Japan Tree comforter cover, inspired by the Japanese cherry blossom tree, and the Japan 220 x 240 comforter cover, inspired by Mount Asama.

All our designs are carefully selected by our team, who make it a point of honor to respect the most ancestral traditions of Japan, so that all enthusiasts can find what they're looking for.

Cherry blossoms (sakura), waves, mountains or abstract motifs bring a unique and artistic touch to your bedding. In fact, the Japan collection is part of the Country comforter cover set, which includes :

  • African Duvet Cover: unique patterns inspired by the African continent
  • American Duvet Cover: a journey to the United States
  • Comforter Cover Egypt : discover the land of the Pharaohs
  • Comforter Cover Italy: for lovers of Italian culture

Duvet Cover Store : commitment to quality

All our comforter covers are made from microfibre fabric, for unrivalled softness, for your enjoyment - and that of the whole family !

The printing is done on state-of-the-art machines, and is designed not to fade with each wash, so your comforter cover will retain its softness and shine for years to come.

Since our bed is a place where we spend long hours sleeping every year, the quality of your comforter cover is just as important as that of your mattress for restful nights.

Japanese comforter cover: all sizes!

There's no age limit for a love of Japanese culture, and our duvet covers come in the following sizes:

  • 140 x 200 cm single bed 1 pillowcase ( 59,99 € )
  • 200 x 200 cm double bed 2 pillowcases ( 69.99 € )
  • 240 x 220 cm king-size bed 2 pillowcases ( 79.99 € )

If you have any questions about the size of your comforter cover, please consult the label on your comforter for information about its dimensions.