Collection: Fruit Duvet Cover

Fruits are essential for getting vitamins and energy to start the day. At the Duvet Cover Store, we have created a collection of duvet covers in their honor. As bedding specialists, we offer different bedding sets composed of a sheet for your duvet and one or more pillowcases.

The Fruit collection is a collection that has the advantage of pleasing both children and parents. Each duvet cover in the collection offers unique patterns, and it will be possible to find your favorite fruit easily. An apricot, mango, or apple duvet cover - there is really something for everyone.

In addition to being a major piece of your bedding, the fruit duvet cover is undoubtedly an original gift that will enhance a bedroom. An original duvet cover can make all the difference in a room and enhance this part of the house.

Duvet Cover Store at your service for your well-being

Sleeping well is what matters most to our team. That's why we carefully choose all our pieces, and the set that will wrap your duvet is very comfortable, as is the pillowcase.

Each piece will fit perfectly on your bed, slipping quickly onto your duvet and pillow.

The quality we offer means that all our customers are satisfied with our products, and we have very few returns in our store. The selection we offer is also unique, and you can find customer reviews on this subject.

Quality above all at the Duvet Cover Store The technique used to print the fruit on each product is mastered, and all the sets we offer are durable, made with microfiber fabric, and the product will not fade in the machine.

To clean your sets, simply put them in the machine on a gentle cycle, but avoid the dryer and hang them on a drying rack instead.

If you have any questions, please contact the bedding specialist. Our team will be happy to answer you. Please contact us at 

Your fruit duvet cover at the best price

We have chosen to offer fixed prices for each duvet cover we offer. In addition, delivery is completely free in France. The prices are fixed for all sizes. The queen-size duvet cover is sold at 29.99, while the king-size duvet cover is sold for 79.99.

As we mentioned earlier, delivery is free. When you buy a duvet cover at the Duvet Cover Store, we will print it within a few days, and once the printing is done, you will receive your duvet cover. That's why delivery times can sometimes be a bit long! But your bed will wait for the perfect duvet cover to enhance it!

If you want to give yourself or your children a beautiful gift that will undoubtedly enhance a bedroom, don't wait any longer and buy the duvet cover of your dreams at the Duvet Cover Store!