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Duvet cover Egypt Goddess Isis

Duvet cover Egypt Goddess Isis

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Find the Egyptian duvet cover ancient goddess Isis bearing the image of this goddess of Egypt. The goddess Isis is the most important female deity in ancient Egypt. She was venerated throughout ancient Egypt, where she was represented in the form of a woman with attributes of mother goddess and woman.


  • 1 Duvet cover of 2 pillowcases
  • 100% anti-mite polyester, hypoallergenic and strong density span>
  • Component safe for the skin
  • Improved seams & amp; worked finishes
  • Solid zipper Compatible Machine washing
  • Printing of high definition drawing
  • Delivery is free

Maintenance advice:

  • Machine wash: 40 ° C
  • Dry linen compatible: moderate temperature
  • Iron ironing: temperature span> Moderate span>
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